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heart_mini I exited Walmart a couple of nights ago into a crowd of gawkers. There had been an accident. I breathed a sigh of relief as the woman on the ground being attended by three men was speaking in coherent sentences. As I scanned the crowd to figure out what happened I saw her. The woman in tears, clearly shaken and on her phone standing outside her car. She was the reason. I could hear the sirens as the fire engine and ambulance arrived followed almost immediately by a police car.

I started thinking, “What is happening here?” as my mind flashed to the images on the news from the day before, where just a block away, an SUV crashed into a Starbucks. Several people were injured, one critically. There were no drugs or alcohol involved, just a slip of the foot on the accelerator. I did not any of the people involved, but I have friends who did.

Within less than 24 hours in mid-December, the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, lives were changed. I doubt those involved would call it wonderful.  Not the man from a local ministry unexpectedly hit by a car in the middle of Starbucks while innocently holding a meeting, who has undergone one surgery and is facing another. Nor the poor woman lying on the ground in front of me who had been walking in the crosswalk from the parking lot towards Walmart and not for the women who were driving the cars, absentmindedly causing “accidents”. Read Full Article →


Feeling great about navigating through the impossible conversation, sister and I began the process of sorting through Dad’s stuff in the house on the mountain at the lake. My heart ached realizing that all of his years of living were reduced to stuff on shelves, in closets, drawers and boxes. My dread was renewed at the sheer volume of stuff. Dad never threw anything flowers background Prov 15

I am not sure what compelled him to hang on to everything, and I mean everything. Like the American Kennel Club registration papers for the dog we had when I was a child, our sweet family dog who died when I was 13. Or the auto insurance policies to the Dodge station wagon (yes, the large green “Brady Bunch” wagon with the wood panel down the side) from 1972 through 1977. There were things like his childhood stuffed bear to every letter, birthday card and father’s day card I had ever sent him. Read Full Article →


There we were, sister, stepmom and me, sitting at the table feeling apprehensive, knowing the impending discussion was one we had to have but not excited about any of it.  You know “the conversation” with the incredibly hard subject, everyone wanting something different, emotions running high, a lot at stake, and there is no perfect, let alone great outcome in sight.Calvario13_jpg

The time had finally arrived for us to start discussing what to do with dad’s house on the mountain at the lake.   I had invested so much time in thinking about it, talking to husband, praying for answers and I still felt uneasy and heavy-hearted. I could feel my throat tightening, wondering if I would even be able to speak when it was my turn. Read Full Article →

Hi, I am Barbara Straub, founder of Shepherd Her Ministries. Welcome to my blog. Our ministry is all about shepherding, which is discipleship. It is about equipping and empowering women to go forth and expand God’s Kingdom. One of the essential elements of being a shepherd or discipling others is doing life together.

My heart for this blog is to do life with you, to share my life, openly and candidly with you and how God is using the circumstances of my life to shape me into someone who walks in God’s truth and gives me the strength and courage to share that truth with others.  This can’t be done without digging into God’s word so we will be doing a lot of that here. The bible means little if we do not apply it to our lives and experience the Holy Trinity as we work out our salvation (Philippians 2:12).

My sincere prayer is that this will be a place where we do life together, learning from each other and sharing God’s truth and victories in our lives. I can’t do that alone, so please, let’s make this a conversation. I will keep this a safe place where we can be heard, loved and comforted – a place where we can walk in God’s truth and learn to live courageously for Him.

I look forward to hearing from you as we journey in God’s word and life together.